Elevate Your Pool Landscape With Quality Pools Group

We create natural stone pool surfaces in Fort Mill, SC

Quality Pools Group, Inc. renovates pools to create enchanting aquatic spaces in Fort Mill, SC. Our pool contractors can install beautiful pool surfaces through performance mineral technology. By relying on sustainable granite, marble, pebble and quartz products, we can create luxury-looking pools for Fort Mill area residents.

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Committed to sustainability and development

Pool plastering began six decades ago when one company had an original idea to refine pool interiors with plaster. The pool plastering concept has since expanded into a highly researched and pursued craft in the architectural pool design industry. Our professionals research, develop and manufacture sustainable products in support of the tradecraft traditions of pool plastering. Our core focus remains on:

  • Sustainable products
  • Refined research and development
  • State-of-the-art technology and design

Quality Pools Group is an all-in-one company offering warranties and technical support to show our support and commitment to our customers. We remain a top choice for pool resurfacing in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Call today to schedule a consultation.

An elegant and versatile pool landscape awaits you

Over the past 60 years, the swimming pool plaster market has evolved—and we’ve evolved alongside it. For your residential or commercial pool, choose Quality Pools Group as your pool product designer. We will handle research, development, quality control of materials and specification writing to ensure a timeless design.

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Pool Surfaces’ product Silicone Shield, patented in 1995, provides density and water repellency to our plaster and technically differentiates The Blue Terra plaster brand from others.


Pool Surfaces will continue an eighteen year tradition of being the swimming pool plaster industry’s most prolific pool product designer, leading the industry in research and development, quality control of materials, and specification writing.

Pool Surfaces products have been used in award winning pools across the country. From residential to commercial our surfaces create the brilliant beauty and lasting finish that inspire timeless design.