Innovative and Timeless

If you are looking to make an impact with your pool landscape, then Pebble may be the right choice for your pool. Quality Pool Group pool plasters are engineered mixes of white portland cement , rounded smooth basin pebbles, glass beads and proprietaries and fresco chlorine resistant colors. Our pebbles designs are offered with either 1/4" minus satin pebble or 3/8" minus pearl pebble for a more distinct river bottom look. The advantage to pebble is the wide range of design possibilities it affords. Pebble plaster can be installed out of the water as beach entries, sun shelves or surrounds.

A dramatic statement in any form, pebble will draw your eye immediately to the soothing water, and create an organic sense of calm to the environment. ​Architecturally, we recommend Quality Pool Group Pebble in a free form landscape.